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Tennis programme is designed for students aged 13-18 who study and train at the CIS.

Czechia (the Czech Republic) with its long and successful tennis history is the top tennis destination. You can enrich your tennis experience in the heart of Europe during your studies.

IB Diploma and our Tennis Programme will pave your route to US tennis scholarships. Our Tennis programme prepares students – tennis players for prestigious university scholarships in the USA.

Individual training approach

Our team of devoted and professional tennis coaches develops the tennis skills, strategy and character of every single player. Czech Fed Cup team coach Petr Pála is the general patron of our tennis programme.

Great price for tennis value

Students – tennis players will partake in a top quality tennis programme in an exclusive location in the “Mecca of tennis” in Europe at a very favourable price.

CIS is looking for players who can provide:

  1. Proof of past tournament results
  2. Film footage
  3. A reference letter from their coach
  4. ITF rankings (if applicable)

Download the Tennis poster and share it with your friends here.

Watch the video with Timur, Graduate of 2017 and Tennis Programme member, here

CIS Application Form

Interview with Tomáš Růžička, Head Coach of CIS Tennis programme, former Petr Pála´s coach

Where are you from?
I come from Kutná Hora, a beautiful medieval town in the centre of the Czech Republic.

When did you start playing tennis?
My parents built the first tennis courts in my hometown. They used to take me in a pram there. I don´t even remember when I held the tennis racket in my hands for the first time.

Why do you like this sport (name 3 top characteristics)?
Blue sky, red clay and the sound of a ball on a tennis racket

Why is Karlovy Vary and the Czech Republic a great venue for your sport?
Karlovy Vary has one of the most beautiful tennis clubs in the country, rich in history. The club facilities are nested in a nature reserve in the valley of the Teplá River.

How can you combine school and training?
It is easy because the school and the tennis courts are “in one place” (5-minute walk). It depends only on students how much time they want to dedicate to their sport.

What recommendations would you give an athlete who wants to join CIS Special Sport Programmes?
The only advice I can give to anybody who joins CIS Tennis programme is to get together with teachers and coaches on a regular basis. They will help you schedule your time. You can always ask for help.

To move from your home to the Czech Republic will always be a change in your lifestyle. It will be a challenge to combine academics and sport on a high level.

Only ambitious well organized students who can set their priorities will succeed.

Therefore, I can only recommend a trip to Karlovy Vary to meet teachers and coaches in advance.


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