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Camp Carlsbad 2018 | July1st – August 5th


Summer Film Camp for Kids in Europe, Ages 9-17

Due to the popularity of our exclusive summer film camp for kids during the world-renowned Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF), we’ve prepared a film camp week in 2018 again.

In  addition, upon request, it will feature trips and activities for young people interested in film. Trips include a visit to a local children’s TV set, as well as a visit to the famous Barrandov “Czech Hollywood” studios.

This  Film Camp is perfect for visiting families, local residents, and international families abroad who are looking for an unforgettable kids’ film experience. Registration options include Day Camp (09:00 – 17:00), Extended Day Camp (09:00-21:00), and Residential Sleep Away Camp (Full Boarding).

KVIFF for Kids:

  • July 1 – 8, 2018

Space is limited. Registration is approved on a first come first served basis.

Other Camp Carlsbad Programs Include:

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for Kids

Families already familiar with the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic probably know that there aren’t any official KVIFF events for kids. Camp Carlsbad’s KVIFF film camp provides age-appropriate festival experiences for boys and girls, ages 10-17.

Best of all, Camp Carlsbad provides professional supervision that allows parents to relax and enjoy the festival at their own speed. Your kids get to learn about film making, while making friends from around the world, and making memories to last a lifetime.

Campers learn the basics of video production in a safe, friendly, international setting.

Summer Film Camp Registration Options for Families

Because our camp families range from the local to international, Camp Carlsbad offers three flexible registration options.

  1. Day Camp (09:00-17:00)
  2. Extended-Day Camp (09:00-21:00)
  3. Full Boarding Camp (Sunday – Saturday)

Campers that register for the full boarding summer film camp experience stay in the student apartments of Carlsbad International School. Dormitories are assigned by gender, with twenty-four hour supervision provided by professional camp staff and residential dorm parents.

Although camp instruction is in English, campers may register regardless of their English ability level. Our English immersion camp structure provides opportunities for non-speakers to learn and interact with native English speakers. Regardless of their English ability, campers can have fun while learning English at the same time.

A KVIFF Film Camp at Carlsbad International School

Just as celebrities and film aficionados come from all around the world to enjoy the Karlovy Vary International Fim Festival, kids come from all over the world each summer to live and learn at Camp Carlsbad, the official international summer camp of the Carlsbad International School, an IB World School.

As part of Carlsbad International School’s mission to provide life-long learning experiences, our summer film camp in the Czech Republic provides a variety of film experiences, from beginning to advanced. Instructed by film professionals, campers work together to understand the film-making process, as well as produce their own scripts, photos and videos.

The Kids Film Camp Challenge

Most kids these days already have a fascination with video. This may include movies, TV shows, and even peer videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other websites. Some kids and teens have already created videos on smartphone cameras. Others have even edited several films together. The most ambitious have even put together scripts and made amateur movies with their friends.

The kids film camp challenge is really an invitation to take their skills even further, from beginning to advanced film techniques. Professional camp instruction includes:

  • Story Building & Screen Writing
  • Story Boarding & Point of View
  • Location & Shot Selection
  • The Video Production Process
  • The Basics of Acting & Directing

Through a variety of hands-on teaching and learning methods, students also gain an understanding of:

  • Video Formats
  • Camera Lenses and Filters
  • Basic Video Capturing Techniques
  • Video Studio Components and Set-Up
  • Sound & Lighting Techniques
  • Digital Audio/Video Editing

Not Your Average Kids Film Camp

Because of our unique location in one of Europe’s most renowned spa resorts, our kids film camp at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival offers a variety of traditional summer camp activities, not available in other summer film camps. In addition to instruction and training in film, campers also have the opportunity to enjoy a number of outdoor sports and recreation activities.

Popular summer camp activities include traditional sports, such as tennis, golf, football, volleyball, or badminton, as well as outdoor recreation activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, swimming, rock climbing and ropes courses. For full boarding and extended-day campers, evening activities include social events such as game nights, movie nights, camp fires and talent shows.

Additionally, summer film campers will have the opportunity to visit the festival, attend a movie screening, and maybe even see a movie star, such as Mel Gibson, or John Travolta, who have attended in years past.

Depending on the film festival schedule, campers may also get to participate in a site seeing tour of a nearby city, castle, or other attraction.

One of the Best Film Camps for Kids in Europe

Our association with the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, combined with the professional knowledge and expertise of our film camp staff, make Camp Carlsbad one of the best film camps for kids in Europe. The excitement of the international event is felt by all. Kids come to camp excited, but they leave truly inspired. Best of all, parents attending KVIFF with kids can share the festival experience with their family, without wondering what exactly to do with their kids in Karlovy Vary.

Reserve Your Child’s Summer Film Camp Place Today

Placement in the Camp Carlsbad, summer film camp for kids program, is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Don’t wait until the festival begins to secure your son or daughter’s place. This is an incredible opportunity for your child to learn film making in a dynamic international environment, during a renowned international film festival.


To learn more about our summer film camp for kids in Europe, dates and pricing, or about Camp Carlsbad in general, please contact our camp admissions team today. Or, if you would like information about other camp programs available during the film festival, including English as a Second Language, Tennis, or Golf, please follow the links below.




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