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Camp Carlsbad 2018 | July 1st – August 5th

English Summer Camp in Europe for Kids

Camp Carlsbad is an English summer camp in Europe for kids, ages 9 – 17. Camp runs weekly from July 3rd to August 7th, 2016. Each summer we welcome boys and girls from all over the world who want to learn English in a safe, international, English-speaking environment.

Other Camp Carlsbad Programs Include:

Summer Camp on an IB World School Campus

Camp Carlsbad is the official English summer camp of Carlsbad International School, an IB World School. Our commitment to safety, excellence, and affordability, make us one of the best English summer camps in the world for your son or daughter. Our private, first-class campus is the ideal setting for children to learn English, make friends from around the world, and experience personal growth.

English Language Summer Camp in the Czech Republic

Just a short drive from Prague airport, Camp Carlsbad is located in one of the most renowned spa towns and tourist resorts in central Europe, Karlovy Vary, or Carlsbad, in English.

The large tourist population means that this small, safe, and relatively quiet town, is full of fantastic attractions and recreation for our campers. In addition to the Bohemian crystal, blue onion porcelain, and five-star spa resorts enjoyed by many adults, our young campers have access to horse riding, ropes courses, golf courses, tennis clubs, pools, ice rinks, trampolines, site-seeing tours, and even a man-made beach, to name a few of our favorite activity locations.

Flexible Registration Options

To meet the needs of all our families, both local and international, we offer three flexible registration options.

  1. Day Camp (09:00-17:00, Monday to Saturday)
  2. Extended Day Camp (09:00-20:00, Monday to Saturday)
  3. Full Boarding (Sunday – Saturday)

Day Camp and Extended-Day Camp aren’t just for local residents of Karlovy Vary. They are also great options for families on holiday, staying in a nearby hotel, bed and breakfast, or attending the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Campers who sleep overnight stay in luxurious student dormitories and enjoy all the amenities of home, including lofted beds with complimentary linen and duvets, hot showers, personal cabinets, and laundry machines. Boys and girls stay in separate dormitories that feature key-card security and professional supervision, twenty-four hours a day.

One Camp, Four Programs

English Summer Camp is one of Camp Carlsbad’s four exclusive morning programs.

Families can choose from English, Tennis, Golf, and Film. (Film camp is only offered during the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. July 3rd – July 10th.)

An English Language Program in Europe for Kids

Camp Carlsbad’s English language program for kids option encourages girls and boys of all ability levels to learn English language and grammar in an immersion environment. Morning English classes feature English as an Additional Language. Campers practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Children are placed into groups by ability level. No prior language knowledge is required to attend camp or participate in the English language summer camp program.

Not Your Average English Language Camp for Kids

Actually, our summer English language camp for kids is about more than just learning English. After joining up with the rest of the camp for a four-star buffet lunch in the campus cafeteria, the whole camp participates in traditional summer camp activities. These activities provide a variety of enriching experiences that promote discovery, build friendships, and make lasting memories, in a safe and friendly environment.

Afternoon activities include sports and recreation, such as football, volleyball, tennis, golf, swimming, and badminton, as well as hiking, biking, rafting, and canoeing. For our more artistic campers, we occasionally feature crafting and art projects, such as mandalas, glass painting, candle making, and pottery.

Additionally, camp offers two site-seeing trips per week, to nearby cities, attractions, and historical sites.

For Extended-Day Campers and Overnight Campers, dinner is followed by a variety of social games and events on campus. Campfires, movie nights, games nights, and talent shows are just a few of our most popular evening social activities.

Reserve Your Child’s English Summer Camp in Europe Experience Today

If you’re looking for a safe, affordable, and exciting English summer camp in Europe for your son or daughter, then reserve your child’s place today. Full boarding space is limited to around thirty boys and thirty girls each week, and is available on a first-come-first-served basis. If you want to learn more about our summer camp, or English language program for kids, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), or contact us today.

We look forward to welcoming your son or daughter to our English language camp this summer!