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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

About Camp Carlsbad at Carlsbad International School

Who is it for?

Camp Carlsbad is for boys and girls aged 9-17 years.

What are the facilities like?

Camp Carlsbad is your home away from home at Carlsbad International School. Housed on a newly constructed and renovated campus, the CIS campus features luxurious accommodation, fresh restaurant quality food, and a private, gated environment.

Where is it?

Situated on the banks of the River Teplá, Camp Carlsbad at Carlsbad International School is located in the popular spa town, Karlovy Vary, 120km west of Prague Airport, and easy to reach by air or road. Learn more about Karlovy Vary and the Region.

Is it a safe place?

In an already safe and politically stable country, Karlovy Vary is one of the most safe and friendly towns in the Czech Republic. If you don’t believe us, just ask the international film stars that enjoy coming here every July as they can walk the streets, virtually worry free.

Is airport transfer included?

Travel from either  airport, Prague’s Václav Havel International Airport, or the Karlovy Vary International Airport (limited charter destinations), is included for our Residential Campers. Our staff members meet our campers at the airport upon arrival, and help them check-in to their flight upon departure.

What to do if my child is flying an unaccompanied minor?

Please inform our Admissions team immediately and we will confirm the name of the person assisting at least 1 week before the flight.  Please note that this service might incur an additional charge from the airline.

Does my child need a travel insurance?
All the campers have to be insured prior to entering the territory of the Czech Republic. We kindly ask parents to provide a scanned copy of the child´s travel insurance via email with the application.
Does my child need a visa?

Campers from certain countries will require a visa to enter the Czech Republic.  Please check with the embassy or diplomatic mission of the Czech Republic in your country to ensure enough time for the visa processing.

Where will my child sleep?

If your son or daughter is lucky enough to be one of our Residential Campers, they will stay in one of our luxury student apartments, featuring marble entrance ways, parquet wood flooring, spacious bathrooms, a full size bed, a personal desk, lockable storage space, a full size wardrobe, and access to a laundry machine.

What is the food like?

The food is prepared in our newly constructed dining hall, Friendship Hall, by expert local chefs. We have a wide variety of fresh food which is generally farmed locally. Every menu is prepared following the CIS food policy and consulted with a nutritionist.

What if my child falls ill?

At CIS, our fully qualified nurses are on campus from Monday to Sunday. If the need be, CIS cooperates with a number of local specialists (dentist, pediatrician) and our campus is just a five-minute drive from the Regional Hospital of Karlovy Vary.  “In 2016, the Czech Republic placed #13 out of 35 countries. With an index score of 780 out of 1,000 points, it ranked highest among the Central European countries, besting several Western countries including Britain (#15), Spain, Ireland, and Italy for accessability to healthcare.” (Read more at:

Will my child fit in?

Although it is very natural for campers to get nervous about coming to a new camp, meeting new people and making new friends, it is just as natural for them to not want to leave once they arrive. They will meet many other children, just like themselves, who may not have perfect English and may be shy to speak in another language, but once they discover that they share these same feelings, they actually encourage themselves to make new friendships and practice their English.

What is the dress code?

Camp Carlsbad offers a great diversity of programmes and activities and expects campers to dress ‘appropriate’ the programme, activity or event they are participating in. Generally speaking, clothing should be comfortable, conservative and practical. Athletic sneakers and comfortable shorts or trousers are required for all athletic activities. A small backpack and a light-weight raincoat or jacket are both highly recommended.

What is the weather like?

Karlovy Vary has a very temperate year round climate and the summers here are characterized by warm days and cool nights. The average camp temperature is 16° – 21° C (60° – 70° F), making it ideal for most sports and activities. Rain comes mostly overnight, but we still recommend campers to bring a raincoat just in case.

How strict is the discipline?

Much like Carlsbad International School, Camp Carlsbad runs on communal respect. Staff and campers work together to establish guidelines and rules that ensure the safety, growth and happiness of each camper. Of course, there are always consequences for choices that negatively effect the camp community. In such cases our highly-trained staff will work with the camper to resolve the issue. In line with our mission of helping young people reach their full potential, you can be sure that everything will be done to ensure a positive learning experience for each young camper in our community.

How much money should I give my child?

All of the basic and essential camp expenses are covered in the registration fees, but some campers may want to buy personal souvenirs or treat themselves to a snack while traveling on one of the two weekly excursions. For Day and Extended-Day campers, we will notify campers prior to these trips so that their families may plan accordingly. For Residential Campers staying more than one week, we are happy to receive and distribute an allowance of ‘pocket money’ to your child at the beginning of each week with your signed permission, deposit and instructions.


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Daily Schedule

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13:30 | Afternoon Session
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18:30 | Evening Activities
21:00 | Snacks
21:30 | Dorm Time
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09:00 | Breakfast
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18:30 | Dinner
19:30 | Evening Activities
22:00 | Snacks
22:30 | Dorm Time
23:00 | Bed Time

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