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Camp Carlsbad 2018 | July 1st – August 5th

International Summer Camp in Europe for Kids Ages 9 – 17

Camp Carlsbad is an international summer camp in Europe for kids. Designed for boys and girls ages 9 – 17, this summer holiday camp includes a great combination of learning, fun, and personal growth in a safe environment.

Camp Programs Include:

Our English immersion setting is perfect for expats, tourists, and local boys and girls who want to learn English. Our international summer program is expertly designed to be one of the best summer camps in the world for kids, at a significantly lower cost than our international competition.

Summer Holiday Camp in Europe at Carlsbad International School

Camp Carlsbad is Carlsbad International School’s summer holiday program in Czechia (the Czech Republic). Located in Karlovy Vary, just a short drive west of Prague Airport, the luxurious campus features all the amenities and security of home, while surrounded by beautiful Bohemian forests and hills.

The luxurious campus of the Carlsbad International School features an International Baccalaureate academic building, two dormitories, and a state of the art dining hall. We have easy access to nearby tennis clubs, golf courses, ropes courses, horse riding, swimming pools, ice rinks, and many other outdoor excursions.

Karlovy Vary is renowned as a first-class spa town and tourist destination, as well as host to the famous Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. It is the ideal location for your son or daughter’s summer holiday program in Europe.

International Summer Programs in Europe: Morning Sessions

As part of our international summer program in Europe, kids are able to select one of four camp programs to focus on each morning. These include:

  • English Camp
    • This classroom-based option includes daily instruction in English language and grammar, in an English as an Additional Language (EAL Camp) setting. English lessons include reading, writing, speaking, and listening. No prior study of English needed to participate.
  • Tennis Camp
    • The Czech Republic is renowned for the quality of its tennis superstars. In conjunction with the Gejzír Tennis Club, this morning tennis program for kids features tennis lessons at all levels of instruction. No prior experience needed to enroll in this tennis camp for kids.
  • Film Camp
    • Our summer film camp for kids coincides perfectly with the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF). Campers learn the basics of film production, acting, directing, video, and photography. Film camp includes a visit to the festival and a movie at one of the historic festival venues. No experience needed.
    • As an option, our Summer Camp can include trips to a kids TV program set, plus a visit to the famous Barrandov,“Czech Hollywood” studios.

European Sleepaway Camp & Karlovy Vary Day Camp

Camp Carlsbad includes both European sleepaway camp and Karlovy Vary day camp options.

Overnight campers enjoy a European sleepaway camp experience as part of our English immersion program. At night they sleep in the Carlsbad International School student dormitories, enjoying all the amenities of home. Our dormitories feature keycard security, comfortable beds, hot showers, lockable cabinets, complimentary laundry machines, and a designated recreation area. All combined, this gives our summer holiday camp in Europe an ideal environment of safety, trust, and personal growth.

Camp Carlsbad at Carlsbad International School dormitories are assigned by gender. One building for our girls, and another for our boys. Our staff provide 24 hour supervision, housed in separate staff apartments within the dormitories.

Karlovy Vary day campers may enjoy all aspects of international summer camp in Europe experience, but return to their homes or hotels at night.

Youth Site-Seeing Trips

As part of our commitment to be one of the best summer camps in the world, Camp Carlsbad includes two youth site-seeing trips per week. Destinations include Prague (historic capital city), Pilsen (2015 European Capital of Culture), Marienbad, and several other nearby locations, including castle tours, rafting, and the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

A Typical Day at our International Summer Camp in Europe

A typical day at our international summer camp in Europe begins with a pleasant wake-up call from our residential staff and dorm parents. After waking up and getting dressed for the morning, campers enjoy a hot or cold breakfast buffet in our Friendship Hall, dining cafeteria.

After breakfast, day campers join our sleepaway campers. Together they begin their morning programs, which are pre-selected during the booking process.

When the morning lessons (English, Tennis, Golf, or Film,) are complete, campers return to campus for lunch. They then have some time to relax and get ready for their afternoon sport, activity, or site-seeing trip, depending on the day.

Upon returning to camp, the day campers say farewell for the day, while extended-day campers and overnight campers head to dinner for another delicious buffet, with a variety of hot and cold, meat and vegetarian options.

Dinner is followed by a variety of social activities, including campfire nights, game nights, talent shows, and other fun summer camp experiences.

When the fun is over, extended-day campers head home, while our overnight boarders return to their rooms to relax and get ready for bed.

One of the Best Summer Camps in Europe for Kids

Once your child has experienced a week at Camp Carlsbad it will be easy to see why we are one of the best summer camps in the world. If you’re ready to book your child’s perfect summer, click the button below to choose the camp options that are right for you and your family.


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