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The Model United Nations Activity

The World’s Premier Activity Programme

The Model United Nations is an international educational activity which simulates the United Nations. Students are able to improve their critical thinking and debate skills on various topics involving international relations and current events around the world. Students are each assigned countries to represent at each MUN conference in order to improve global awareness and perspectives.

At CIS students have various opportunities to attend both domestic and international MUN conferences.

In addition to attending other schools’ conferences, we are proud to announce that Carlsbad International School is hosting its first ever international MUN conference, CIMUN, March 8-11, 2018. The theme of our conference this year is “Maintaining Security in a Globalizing World”. At our conference, visiting delegations will debate and find solutions on various topics such as transnational organized crime, refugee crises, the hostilities in the South China Sea, and many more.

Learn more about the CIMUN conference at the conference website.

Video Testimonial of our Graduate of  2017 Zak, who was awarded successfully at numerous MUN conferences.  Watch the MUN video portrait here.

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