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Language School

Carlsbad International Language School (CILS) is an integral part of Carlsbad International High School, which offers pre-diploma and IB Diploma programmes in Karlovy Vary, the Czech Republic. CILS allow prospective CIS students and the public the opportunity to improve their English through interactive and personalized English lessons tailored by our professional staff with decades of professional international experience.

Why study English with us?

* fully qualified teaching professional, native speakers

* modern teaching facilities with IT equipment

* customized approach to every client, his/her learning style and individual preferences

* small sized groups up to 1:6 teacher : student ratio

* online exercises for homework and self-study

* monthly comprehensive feedback by the teacher

* preparatory courses for international exams (CAE, CPE, TOEFL etc.) upon request

* specialized topics included in the price

English Courses and Level-Set Examinations

At Carlsbad International Language School, we offer courses for all levels of English ranging from False Beginner to Advanced. Students are expected to complete a comprehensive level-set exam from Pearson ELT which will determine students English abilities across all skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, and grammar. The exam takes approximately 40 minutes and students should have a working microphone and speakers for the exam. While we understand that language exams can be stressful, we assure all prospective students that this placement test will allow the administration to place each student in the correct class with the correct course materials.

CILS offers a wide-range of course that can be tailored and personalized to each student’s and group’s needs. Courses such as

English Communications

Business English

Travel and Hospitality English

Film Studies

CILS not only a qualified institution, but one that constantly aims to provide a variety of course that suits every prospective student’s needs and interests.  You can find more information about course offerings, levels, and materials here.

CILS welcomes all age groups. Personalized classes can be created to match the needs of each student, whether they’re in elementary school, high school, or university. CILS also offers specific course for those already in their professional careers.

Upon request, we design courses of the following sizes:

Individual course (1:1)

Mini groups (up to 3 students)

Small groups (up to 6 students)

For companies, hotels, or other enterprises, we can set up a specific group for their employees´ courses based on professions, age or work experience. Give education to your employees as a benefit!

Where will you study?

Carlsbad International Language School is located in the CIS campus in Karlovy Vary. How to get to us?  Use our Map here.

CILS offers spacious classrooms equipped with WiFi, projectors, whiteboards, and more to ensure that class time is not only educational, but up to date, efficient, and one that maximizes the learning experience for each student.

Visit the CIS campus on a virtual tour here.

Additionally, if there are requests for group classes by businesses, hotels, or firms, CILS offers outsourcing services in which a qualified staff member will come to the desired location of the group to have the lesson.

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