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International boarding schools are special ​learning ​communities. Why?

Simply because most boarding schools have students and teaching staff who come from all around the globe​, making them a truly international environment. ​

What ​type of​ ​personality traits and teaching experience​ ​do ​premier boarding schools look for in their faculty staff?

Passion for teaching and learning.
Teachers ​ who care for their students and​ motivate, inspire and make students grow and mature are key. At the same time, they need to pay attention to learners ​individual​ needs.

Internationally​ minded.
In international high schools, educators have to work with different nationalities, cultures, ​implementing different ​approaches to ​teaching and ​learning, and levels of knowledge. They have to communicate with families from all around the world. Living and teaching in a foreign country also means teachers have to build new relationships and respect local colleagues, the community and traditions.

Team players.
International teaching is not just about lessons from 8 am to 3 pm​.​ ​Teachers become the closest family for students outside of the classroom. They participate in extracurricular activities, social activities, field trips and share school spirit at all of our school events. They have true commitment to the school life and the students.

Carlsbad International School is proud of ​its​ faculty members who help raise the leaders of tomorrow. Learn more about our Staff.

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