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IB will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018. We asked one of our 2018 Alumni about International Baccalaureate Programme in details. Read an interview with Katya.


  • Why did you originally decide to pursue the IB Diploma or the Career-related Programme. What courses were most valuable/memorable?
  • Tell us about how you found your current career path—was there a moment when you knew you wanted to pursue this career?
  • What advice do you have for current IB students? Related to either their studies and/or to considering a career like yours?

“I wasn’t actually very informed about IB diploma. What I knew is that it is a hard programme, but also very valuable all over the world. So I decided that this programme will help me grow and challenge myself. And it did. Most memorable were probably my English B and Psychology classes, as I was interested in those subjects and motivated to learn.

I chose to study Media and Communications, because I am a very creative person and I love to write, sing, organize events (my CAS project, by the way), create videos and podcasts. I think there was a moment when I was writing an additional chapter to the book in my English class, and I was overwhelmed with excitement. That was probably the moment I recognized that this is my thing. However, I was also interested in criminology/psychology and didn’t have a final answer. I still don’t and that’s okay. I want current IB students to know that.

IB gives you so many opportunities in this world, so find something you really enjoy learning about. It’s not always about the money when you search for your career path, but when you are passionate about your studies – this is when you can become a professional and get a good income. Also, I would advise to manage your time. No, I am not asking you to not procrastinate. Everyone does it. Just do as much as you can during your first year, because the second year is more tough and full of final assignments. With IB it is much easier to get into a good university with a top ranking, so don’t miss it out and don’t try to follow the effortless path. Honestly, even in some top universities, the studies are not as intense as your IB program, so get out of your comfort zone and get ready to change the world. My last advice would be probably to get enough rest and be sociable. I know, there are so many assignments coming up, you can’t finish your essay, your TOK presentation is just impossible to understand and exams are soon, but listen: it will all be done better, if you get more sleep, relax time to time, go out and breathe fresh air. After you go back to that essay or TOK presentation, you will look at it freshly and be ready to work again.”

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