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Foreign Exchange Student Program


Live and Learn in the Heart of Europe

Every year Carlsbad International School (CIS) reserves a limited amount of places in its foreign exchange student program for boys and girls, ages 14-18, that want to live and learn at one of the best prep schools in Europe.

Our international high school study abroad students make up an important part of our student body. We highly encourage them to find their place and become student leaders during their European semester abroad on the CIS campus.

We Welcome International High School Students from Around the World

Study, Travel, and Explore Europe with an IB World School

Carlsbad International School is the premier boarding school of the Czech Republic. Our school was founded on the principles of the International Baccalaureate. Our dedicated teachers, small student community, luxurious boarding facilities, and IB World School curriculum make us one of the best prep schools in Europe for boys and girls, ages 14-18.

The high school study abroad program at CIS emphasizes personal growth and development. For most students, an international high school semester abroad is their first time living, studying, or perhaps even traveling in a foreign country. For others, it is their first extended time away from home. Yet, for many others, it is their first time for both.

Families that want their children to study abroad in Europe can rest easy. We provide an ideal place for students to live, study, travel, and socialize, in the safety of an IB World School campus.

High School Study Abroad Includes:

Premium Campus Facilities
  • Safe Central European Location
  • Around-the-clock Professional Supervision
  • Separate Boys and Girls Dormitories
  • Secure, Gated Campus
  • Hi-Speed Campus WiFi
Exceptional Boarding Program
  • Luxurious Accommodation
  • On-Site Health Care & Certified Nurse
  • Professional Residential Staff (Dorm Parents)
  • Multi-Cultural Tolerance and Acceptance
  • Shared Dorm Rooms (2-4 Students)
  • Mixed Language Dorm Rooms
  • Exercise Facilities
First Class Academics
  • English Language Immersion
  • Highly Qualified Teaching Faculty
  • Pre-Diploma & IB Diploma Program Curriculum
  • Technology Integrated Classrooms
  • Small Class Sizes
Comprehensive Student Life Program
  • Healthy Meals with Multiple Dietary Options
  • Basic Mobile Phone & SIM Card
  • Frequent Group Travel Opportunities
  • Sports and Recreation Opportunities
  • Extracurricular Groups & Activities
  • Strict Student Ethics & Honor Code
International Support
  • Transport to/from Prague Airport
  • Immigration Assistance

Why Choose an International High School Study Abroad in Europe?

When students reflect on their high school study abroad experience at CIS, they often describe it as eye-opening. Or life-changing. Our program doesn’t just provide students with the opportunity to live, study, travel, and socialize with other international students in the heart of Europe. We go above and beyond by engaging our students to think critically about this experience.

Travel excursions are integrated into classroom discussions. World history is reinforced with trips to historic sites. Geography, art, and literature are highlighted with cross-cultural insights from other students. We teach and encourage our students to be respectful travelers, lifelong learners, and active community members.

Furthermore, our professional teaching and residential life teams pride themselves on their ability to prepare students for success in their classroom, university, career, and beyond. Our structured dorm program, combined with our rigorous academic curriculum, truly make CIS one of the best prep schools in Europe.

Benefits of Our Foreign Exchange Student Program

Our foreign exchange student program aims to integrate students from around the world into our international community of teachers and learners. A high school semester abroad on our campus provides many unique benefits, not typically available to teenagers prior to university.

Benefits of Our Foreign Exchange Student Program:

  • Self Discovery, Personal Growth & Development
  • Expanded Global Perspective & Cultural Awareness
  • Improved Transcript for University Entry
  • Make Lifelong International Friendships
  • Travel, Exploration, and Sightseeing
  • Language Immersion Opportunities
  • Structured Living for Increased Sense of Responsibility

What Students Say

High School Study Abroad Options

To accommodate the greatest amount of families interested in our high school study abroad program in Europe, we offer a variety of enrolment options, from 10 weeks to an entire year. Enrolment is processed on a rolling, or ongoing basis depending on boarding availability.

One Year Abroad Option

Families that wish to enroll their son or daughter in a full, one-year study abroad option must submit their application as any other full-time student. At the completion of the year, your student will re-enroll in their home school for the following academic year with a study abroad transcript to present to the registrar.

  • Dates for August 2017 – June 2018: TBD
  • Holiday Breaks: TBD

Semester Abroad Options

1st Semester

The first semester at CIS runs from the beginning of the school year through the end of 1st semester exams. This option includes full semester instruction and activities. Additionally, it features a cultural excursion to a foreign country in October as part of our integrative approach to IB curriculum.

  • Dates for August 2017 – December 2017: TBD
  • Holiday Break: TBD
2nd Semester

The second semester at CIS begins in January after students return from winter break. It includes a three week spring break in April. This option also includes full semester instruction and activities, including a one week excursion to a foreign country in April, aligned to the IB class curriculum.

  • Dates: January – June, 2018
  • Spring Break*: March, 2018

*Spring Break travel/accommodation is not included. Families must arrange for travel or approved off-campus accommodation for students.

Trimester Abroad Options

For families looking for a short term study abroad program, we offer two trimester options, pending availability.

Winter Term

Winter term runs from January through March, and is popular for its weekend ski program at the Klínovec Ski Resort. Students get a taste of Europe, international culture, English immersion, and IB World School Curriculum and methodology. This is a perfect option for families considering full-time enrolment in the Diploma Program, but want to get to know the school better first.

  • Dates: January – March, 2018
Spring Term

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons in Europe. It is when the flowers begin to bloom again after a rainy, snowy winter. This half-term runs from the end of March until the beginning of June. It is popular for the one week cultural excursion to a foreign country in April. Similar to winter term, students learn a lot about Europe, culture, language, and being an IB student, during their short time on campus.

  • Dates: March – June, 2018

Tuition & Fees

Carlsbad International School’s study abroad program is competitively priced, with programs starting at less than  €11,000  (approx. $12000 USD, conversion rates apply.) Scholarship opportunities are available for financially or academically qualified applicants. Inquire for more details.

  • 1 Year Abroad – €34,510
  • 1st Semester – €18,039
  • 2nd Semester – €20,667
  • Spring Term (April – June) – €11,451

Study Abroad at One of the Best Schools in Europe

If you dream about sending your son or daughter abroad to one of the best prep schools in Europe, but struggle with the idea of long term separation, our high school study abroad program is made for you.

Our international high school community, blend of campus cultures, exceptional faculty, and welcoming environment make CIS a first choice for many families. Additionally, our technology friendly campus makes staying in contact with your student easy via phone, app, or computer.

A Home Away From Home

Carlsbad International School offers exceptional residential care for all of our students. We promote student growth, independence, community engagement, leadership, and family values. Our students truly consider CIS to be a home away from home. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Safe, Luxurious, and Affordable

When compared to similar study abroad and foreign exchange student programs in Europe, CIS offers safe, luxurious, and affordable options that are ideal for many families. Furthermore, our location in the Czech Republic helps us to ensure student safety, luxurious accommodation, affordable tuition, and access to some of the most beautiful sites in central Europe.

Apply Now to Study Abroad in Europe

Contact one of our high school study abroad specialists today to see if CIS is the right fit for you and your family. You can call us direct at +420 353 227 387, contact us online, or simply complete the form below.

We look forward to learning more about you and your family very soon.

High School Study Abroad & Foreign Student Exchange Program | Carlsbad International School