Golf Programme - Carlsbad International School


Golf programme is designed for students aged 14-18 who study and train at the CIS.

Karlovy Vary Region, Czechia (the Czech Republic), with 10 golf courses, 7 of which are 18-hole courses. History of golf in the spa region dates back to 1904 and it is closely linked to the British Royal Family. Learn more here

Professional golf coaching

Petr Němec and his team will take care of the professional development of your child step by step.

All year round training during Activities periods

Outdoor on the Cihelny golf course with a driving range and other facilities.

Indoor on the Olsova vrata golf course, the oldest course in Czechia (the Czech Republic).

General fitness in the newly refurbished TRUFLEX Fitness center.

Golf competitions

Students-golfers will attend and play regular weekend competitions in the periods September – October and March – June. They will also receive a structured training schedule for their holidays.

CIS is looking for golfers who can provide:

  1. A handicap of 24 and below
  2. Proof of past tournament results
  3. Film footage
  4. A reference letter from their coach

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CIS Application Form

Interview with Petr Němec, a PGA professional, coach of the Five Star Golf Academy

Where are you from?
I come from Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic. At the local golf course, British royalties used to play and the golf course ranks among the oldest ones in Europe.

When did you start to play golf?
I started competitions when I was thirteen.

Why do you like golf (name 3 top characteristics)?
Anyone can play golf at a high level or recreationally, for performance or for fun. Golf does not have any limitations. Golf is a phenomenon in the fact that in no other sport a beginner can enjoy and achieve top performance.

Why is Karlovy Vary and the Czech Republic a great venue for your sport?
In the neighbourhood we have nine golf courses, four of which are directly on the city outskirts just a ten-minute drive. The beginnings of golf in Karlovy Vary date back to 1904.

How can you combine school and training?
Students – golfers will have certain academic flexibility and their training and golf tournaments will be adjusted in a close co-operation with CIS.

What recommendations would you give an athlete who wants to join CIS Special Sport Programmes?
Combine your studies with hard and diligent training. Hereby you can achieve and win a sports scholarship at prestigious US universities.

Activities at CIS

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