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Europe, your destination for a school year abroad or for the IB Diploma programme studies, is an attractive but also very complex continent. Europe means architecture, great food, travel opportunities and much more. International boarding school students are not short-term visitors and they have many opportunities to immerse themselves into the true social life on the “Old Continent”. What are the most common faux pas and mistakes international high school and university students should be aware of?

Europe is one continent but many different countries. Do not get confused with similar names but totally different states (Slovakia vs. Slovenia, Ireland vs. Northern Ireland, Baltics vs. Balkan). Study some historical facts before your arrival to learn about the current 26 Schengen countries and the former Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia.

Europe offers many opportunities to meet a great variety of cultures and languages. Be aware that many people, especially the older generations, do not speak English.

Europe is a continent boasting with excellent food and drinks. Taste and enjoy, but watch your balanced, healthy nutrition, too!

European currency, the Euro, can be used in many countries within the continent but a few countries, such the Czech Republic or the UK, still use their own currencies. Watch the exchange rates and exchange money at certified venues only.

Traveling Europe is safe and easy thanks to a easy-to-use but complex network of highways, railways and bus lines. However, not every low-cost carrier will take you directly to the city centre. Be flexible and use international student passes to stay safe on transport and other services.

Europe enjoys four beautiful seasons of the year. And the winters can get pretty cold, windy and snowy here. Bring some warm clothes or buy them before November comes.

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