CIS became an SAT Test Centre - Carlsbad International School

SAT is a standardized test used for college and university admissions in the U.S.A. in conjunction with high school transcripts and application essays. It was introduced in 1926 and at present the SAT test takes 3+ hours. It consists of reading, writing and math sections which require students to apply knowledge learned in the classroom in a new way.

CIS is pleased to become an official SAT Test Center. The international high school located in Karlovy Vary offers the SAT tests four times in the academic year. The first test will be held on November 4th at CIS. The total of 22 students are allowed to take the test at one time. 

Carla Aiello, CIS Counsellor, explains: “The main benefit to CIS becoming an SAT testing center is that our students used to have to travel to Prague for this test.  They would spent the night in a hotel, wake up extra early, etc.  These circumstances would contribute to many feeling more nervous on test day.  By taking it at CIS, they are more relaxed, well rested, and in familiar environs.  It’s a very difficult and lengthy test, our students appreciate being able to take it at their own “home base”.

 Students that are looking to register for the SAT will find the CIS test center when they input their address/region on College Board.”

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