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Every Weekend is Full Of Opportunities

Imagine shooting down a white-water river on a raft, or climbing a wall like Spiderman, or having tennis lessons in the sunshine, or lying on the grass in the sun and chatting with new friends from around the world…

Every weekend is different at CIS – you never know what you might do next!

Karlovy Vary is the perfect location for exploring new possibilities and new experiences.

Will I be stuck on campus at weekends?

Not if we have anything to do about it!  We hope that you will make life-long friends here at Carlsbad International School, and with those friends you will have a choice of things to do every weekend.

You might want to stay on campus, enjoy relaxing with your friends, do some sports training, practice your music or arts, maybe catching up on some study, take a walk or bus in to town and do some shopping, or eat in a local restaurant or visit the cinema or theatre.

You might want to sign up for one of the trips offered each weekend – perhaps a trip to Prague to see the sights or to shop or to attend a special event that is happening there, or perhaps a trip to a sporting event in Karlovy Vary or Prague or anywhere within a reasonable distance!

Alternatively you might try canoeing on the river in town or paintballing or go-karting or skiing, play golf or visit an Adventure Park.  You might like to go to a car show, a museum, a festival.

Every weekend there will be at least one trip offered, often more than one, depending on interest.  There will always be a staff member with the trip, to help and direct students if need be.  And there might be trips during the week occasionally, if there is a special event.

Will I visit countries other than Czechia (the Czech Republic)?

For sure!  Even our trips at weekends may involve visiting Germany and the whole school will be going on at least two Cultural Trips during the year.

Students studying at Carlsbad International Boarding & Day School not only enjoy a beautiful campus and host country but also the opportunity to visit many other parts of Europe as well.

Will I be able to travel on my own on weekends?

It would not be responsible of us, nor safe, for you to travel around Europe, or even Czech Republic, on your own for the weekend.  However, with parental permission, and someone to take responsibility for you, it is possible for students to visit friends and relatives (a privilege that will be revoked if a student does not take the responsibility seriously).

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