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Reach Your Full Potential at a Top European Boarding School

Many studies have shown that attending a top boarding school often increases a student’s ability to succeed in high school, university, career, and beyond. Here’s a quick list of what our students appreciate most about the private boarding school experience at Carlsbad International School.

Why Attend a Top Boarding School in Europe?

  • Gain academic and university preparedness.
  • Learn independence in a supportive environment.
  • Have easy access to world class teachers.
  • Meet equally talented students from around the world.
  • Learn about trust, honesty, and friendship in close knit community.
  • Gain powerful, first-hand experiences in cultural diversity.
  • Enjoy increased opportunities for leadership and involvement.
  • Periodically travel throughout Europe with teachers and classmates.
  • Enjoy extended winter & spring breaks at home with your family!

Our Residential Program for International Students

Carlsbad International School (CIS) is the premier, English boarding school of Czechia (Czech Republic) in Europe. Our student body is made up of over 90% coed boarding school students from all around the world. The residential program we offer them is a complete, all inclusive package—including academic instruction, residential supervision, mentorship, meals, weekend travel opportunities, and one required trip abroad each semester for real world application of classroom discussions.

We value diversity, tolerance, family values, and community engagement. Our students learn the skills necessary to succeed in both academics and society. This includes valuable life skills such as responsibility, organization, team work, leadership, independence, and critical thinking, as well as more traditional skills, such as writing, research, presentation, and public speaking.

As an IB World School, we offer one of the most complete preparatory education programs available today. The IB Diploma is the most distinguished and preferred diploma of top universities across the world.

Daily Life

Daily Life at a Private English Boarding School

Our private English boarding school in Europe features a small, close-knit and vibrant community of teenagers and teaching professionals that live, learn, and work together. Each day is different, but typically includes classes, study, activities, sports, meals, homework, snacks, free time, friendship, and from time to time, some real adventure.

Our daily schedule is busy but rewarding. It allows students countless opportunities for growth and self-discovery during their time on campus. Best of all, we provide our young people with the safety and security needed for them to take chances and learn new things, as well as discover their inner purpose and direction.

What our Students Say:

“Being a CIS student is amazing. It’s like being a part of something bigger than a school. It means being a part of a little—but at the same time huge—family. Everybody respects each other. Everybody is here to help you. We have an amazing opportunity to be educated in such a perfect place for living and learning.”

– Nastya, Class of 2017

Health & Wellness

Located in Karlovy Vary, a city renowned for health and wellness, we make student care a top priority. From our newly constructed dormitories to our first-class dining facility, our onsite nurse to our expert nutritionist, we know what it takes to keep our students happy and healthy.

Newly Constructed Campus Accommodation

As a top coed boarding school, our campus hosts two separate dormitory facilities, one for our boys and the other for our girls. Our facilities are staffed twenty-four hours a day by professionally trained and personally caring dorm staff. And while Czechia (Czech Republic) is renowned for its Central European peace and political stability, our private, gated campus and around-the-clock security provides additional peace of mind for both students and parents.

The Carlsbad dormitories are far more than just places for our students to sleep at night. Each one is a vital social hub and welcome home base. Unlike most top boarding schools that feature long corridors of hotel-style accommodation, we are proud to offer ‘apartment style’ residential suites in a peaceful, luxurious environment.

These newly furnished facilities offer exclusive study, sleep, and social areas, shared with friends of similar age and gender. Furthermore, our professional house staff are never more than a door or two away to provide exceptional care and guidance, 24 hours a day. In loco parentis, they truly care for all our students as if they were their own.

In addition to rooming students by age and gender, students also receive room assignments by language. As an immersive English boarding school, we encourage our students to succeed by placing them in an environment that requires them to speak English. While initially challenging, this practice enables students to gain fluency much faster than normal—something we’re often thanked for by the end of their first year on campus.

First Class Dining

The site of the CIS campus has a long, distinguished history as an international meeting place for diplomats, business professionals, tradesmen, and their families. The original riverside cafe built on the site was known simply as Karlovy Vary’s Freundschaftsaal (1823), and is now the location of our newly constructed, first-class dining facility, Friendship Hall.

Friendship Hall is our campus dining room, cafeteria, and special events venue. We take nutrition very seriously and are proud to partner with an international nutrition expert, Keely Fraser, to provide healthy, well-balanced meals, that are also delicious.

Meals are typically served buffet style and feature many international options, as well as sandwich and salad stations to help us to continually serve our diverse community.

On Site Nurse & Health Care

The primary and most historic building on our campus is Toscana Hall. In addition to being home to the majority of academic subjects and classes, CIS campus also accommodates our onsite nurse’s office.  It is located directly in one of the dorms.  Part of our prevention is also a quarantine room available in each of the dorms. Having a nurse onsite during school hours, as well as on call during the evening hours, insures an excellent level of primary and emergency care for all our residential students.

When additional care is required, the nurse also arranges appointments with excellent local doctors, dentists, and specialists as needed. The regional hospital is located just a five-minute drive from our campus.

Private Transportation

When it comes to class trips in town and further abroad, CIS is proud to provide the safety and security of private transportation. Our professional drivers and premium vehicles insure maximum safety for all our students, teachers.

Learn More About Our Exceptional Boarding Program

If you would like to learn even more about our exceptional boarding program, simply contact us today at +420 353 227 387, or by using the form below. One of our admissions counselors will be more than happy to tell you even more about our facilities and help you decide whether Carlsbad is a good fit for your family.


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