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Tuition & Fees

Carlsbad International School provides a unique blend of Swiss, UK and US boarding school programmes at a fraction of the cost.

School Fees

Full Year Offerings
  • Day Student – EUR 20,000
    • These local students attend all classes and activities from 08:00 – 17:00, including lunch. Weekend trips are available at a nominal cost.
  • Extended-Day Student – EUR 24,500
    • These local students live at home, but participate in all other aspects of school life, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, study hall and weekend trips.
  • 5 Day Boarding Student – EUR 31,500
    • These residential students travel home every weekend to be with their family in another nearby town or city.
  • Full Boarding Student – EUR 37,000
    • Our full residential programme, providing room, board, around the clock supervision, and weekend trips.
Short Term Boarding Offerings
  • 1 st semestr full boarding – EUR 19,500
  • 2 nd semestr full boarding – EUR 22,500
  • April – June only – EUR 12,500

The price difference between the semesters is due to the number of contact days.

  • Application fee                EUR 200 (non-refundable)
  • Enrollment Deposit        10% of the Annual fee
  • Security Deposit               EUR 2,000


  • All academic classes, regular instructional and laboratory fees
  • Full seven-day room and board
  • Health Care Plan – comprehensive health care of foreigners covers 100% of hospitalization and ambulance treatment expenses. Dental care is excluded. This plan also includes general liability insurance
  • Czech communal taxes
  • Use of computer network
  • Field trips, social trips, residential family time, after school activities, school events, banquets and the summer party
  • Winter Cultural Trip
  • Fall Cultural Trip
  • Recreational weekend activities organized by CIS ResLife team
  • Airport Pick-Up on Designated Travel Days
  • Basic Sim Card
  • Bed linen
  • Laundry facilities

Additional Expenses for Other Services

All students are expected to cover school uniform and an Apple MacBook laptop computer purchased in the last two years.

  • Student Pocket money bank account charges (EUR 100)
  • School uniform (polo – long sleeve EUR 43, polo – short sleeve EUR 33, pullover EUR 70, tie EUR 23)
  • Optional local ski programme
  • Optional MacBook Rental (EUR 40 per month)
  • Major purchases/ sports equipment rental, such as skis/snowboard, moutain bike
  • Campus store and Student lounge charges
  • University/College application fees
  • External examination fees (such as IB, SAT, ACT, IELTS/TOEFL)
  • Airport transfer fees on non-official arrival/departure days from Prague Airport (whole van EUR 140, individual EUR 100)
  • Communication/phone charges (phone EUR 70, SIM card EUR 10)
  • Private tutoring or activity/sports lessons
  • Optional trips
  • Visa support services (outside CZ in Berlin/Warsaw EUR 400, visa extension EUR 140, invitation letter EUR 140)
  • Transcript legalization services (EUR 40)
  • Transcript legalization services – postage, post charges (within CZ EUR 10, within EU EUR 70, outside EU EUR 120)
  • Summer storage (EUR 60)
  • Special diets
  • Dentist and orthodontist fees
  • Graduation expenses
  • Ski Week Austria (EUR 1,400)
  • Dry cleaning and uniform adjustment (from EUR 16)

The list above is not exhaustive. Other costs incurred by the school on behalf of the student or parents will be charged. For more specific information, please refer to the document Additional Services and Fees.

In case of emergency, CIS can cover necessary  expenses to safeguard the interests of the student and his/her parents. In such cases, CIS has the right to ask parents for reimbursement of these necessary expenses.

Payment Terms

Annual Fees

Yearly fees are due by May 1. The payment is in two instalments. The first one is the Enrolment Deposit (10% of the student´s full fee) to reserve the student´s place. The second payment  is the rest of the student´s annual fee due by May 1. (For a student attending only second semester, the tuition fee is due on November 1.) See the following page for a description of what tuition fees include.

Application Fee

A one-time, non-refundable fee of EUR 200 is due upon submitting the application in order to begin the admissions process. A secure credit card payment option is available at https://shop.carlsbadschool.cz/product-category/tuition-fees/

Enrollment Deposit

Following a student´s acceptance, a one-time deposit of 10% o fthe student´s full tuition fee is due upon the receipt of the invoice no later than within 10 business days to reserver his/her place at CIS. The rest of the tuition fee (90%) payment is due by May 1. Further details can be obtained from the Admissions Office. Questions concerning financial matters should be addressed to admissions@carlsbadschool.cz


Security Deposit

A one-time deposit of EUR 2,000 is required by May 1 via online payment at CIS e-shop https://shop.carlsbadschool.cz/product-category/tuition-fees/ (For a student attending only second semester, the security deposit is due on November 1. For a student enrolling after May 1, the security deposit is due upon the receipt of the invoice for tuition fees no later than within 10 business days.)

The deposit is refunded approximately 2 months after the student leaves the permanently provided that tuition fees and all charges have been fully settled. Note that any room damage charges or other pending damage charges (eg. CIS laptop or CIS cell phone) will be deducted from the security deposit prior to the reimbursement.

Student Pocket Money Bank Account

On request, a student can be provided with a debit card of the local bank with a weekly limit for spending set by the parent. It can be used in ATMs, for shopping or online purchases.


Parents wishing to withdraw a student for the following academic year must inform the Admissions office in writing before April 15. If the cancellation occurs after this date, the Enrollment deposit will not be reimbursed except in extenuating circumstances. Studens who are not invited back at the end of the school year will be reimbursed and the security deposit, minus any charges incurred.

This price list is valid for the 2018-2019 school year as of October 1, 2017. The prices are subject to change upon the CIS decision any time.

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