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Tuition & Fees


Carlsbad International School provides a unique blend of Swiss, UK and US boarding school programmes at a fraction of the cost.


School Fees


Full Year Offerings


  • Day Student – EUR 18,600
    • These local students attend all classes and activities from 08:00 – 17:00, including lunch. Weekend trips are available at a nominal cost.
  • Extended-Day Student – EUR 22,800
    • These local students live at home, but participate in all other aspects of school life, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, study hall and weekend trips.
  • 5 Day Boarding Student  – EUR 29,200
    • These residential students travel home every weekend to be with their family in another nearby town or city.
  • Full Boarding Student – EUR 34,550
    • Our full residential programme, providing room, board, around the clock supervision, and weekend trips.


Short Term Boarding Offerings


  • 1 st semestr full boarding – EUR 18,050
  • 2 nd semestr full boarding – EUR 20,700
  • April – June only – EUR 11,450




  • Immigration Assistance
  • Airport Pick-Up on Designated Travel Days
  • Basic Sim Card
  • Health Care Services, including an on-site, fully certified Nurse
  • Cultural Excursions in a Foreign Country
  • Exercise Facilities
  • Comfortable, Luxurious Accommodation


Additional Expenses


All students are expected to cover school uniform and an Apple MacBook laptop computer purchased in the last two years.


  • Application fee EUR 220 (CZK 5,500)
  • Reenrolment EUR 530 (CZK 13,500)
  • Tuition deposite Boarding student EUR 3,350 (CZK 85,000)
  • Tuition deposite Day student EUR 2,250 (CZK 57,000)
  • Airport Pick-Up outside Designated Travel Days EUR 140 (CZK 3,500) / whole van, EUR 100 (CZK 2,500) /individual
  • Visa service: Outside CZ (Berlin, Warsaw) EUR 400 (CZK 10,000)
  • Visa service: Visa extension EUR 140 (CZK 3,500)
  • Invitation letter EUR 140 (CZK 3,500)
  • MacBook Rental EUR 40/ month (CZK 1,000 / month)
  • Private activity lessons held in CIS premises – depends on provider
  • Transcript authorisation services EUR 40 (CZK 1,000)
  • Transcript authorisation services – postage, post charge within the Czech Republic EUR 10 (CZK 250), within the EU EUR 70 (CZK1,800), outside the EU EUR 120 (CZ 3,000)
  • Special diets (individual)
  • Dry cleaning and uniform adjustment from EUR 16 (from CZK 400)
  • Summer storage/ per box EUR 60 (CZK 1,500)


Families are required to make a deposit of EUR 500 (CZK 13,500 into their personal account, and see that their balance never drops below this number. This EUR 500 represents a security deposit to protect school property, should it be damaged by their child while school is in session. Should no damages occur, this amount will be returned to the family at the time when the student leaves CIS.


Payment Terms


Annual Fees
Yearly fees are due by May 1. The payment is in two instalments. The first one is the Enrolment Deposit (10% of the student´s full fee) to reserve the student´s place. The second payment  is the rest of the student´s annual fee due by May 1. (For a student attending only second semester, the tuition fee is due on November 1.) See the following page for a description of what tuition fees include.


Application Fee
A one-time, non-refundable fee of € 200 is due upon submitting the application in order to begin the admissions process. A secure credit card payment option is available at https://shop.carlsbadschool.cz/product-category/


Enrolment Deposit
Following the student´s acceptance,  a one-time deposit of 10% of the full student´s fee is due upon the receipt of the invoice no later than within 10 working days to reserve his/her place at CIS. The rest of the tuition fee (90%)  is due by May 31. This deposit is credited to the first payment of tuition and is non-refundable. Carlsbad International School may offer alternative payment options to families  if they qualify. Finance fees will apply.


Security Deposit
One-time deposit of € 500 is required upon student arrival in cash, card payment or using CIS e-shop available
at https://shop.carlsbadschool.cz/product-category/tuition- fees/. The deposit is refunded approximately 2 months after the student leaves the school permanently, provided that tuition fees and all charges have been fully settled.
Note that any room damage charges or other pending damage charges (e.g., CIS laptop or CIS cell phone) will be
deducted from the security deposit prior to reimbursement.


Student Pocket Money Bank Account
On request student can be provided with debit card of local bank with weekly limit for spending. Can be used in
AMT, shopping, on-line purchase.


The school regrets that refunds cannot be granted for delayed entrance, withdrawal or dismissal.


This price list is valid by October 1, 2017 for the 2017-2018 school year. The prices are subject to change upon the CIS decision any time.


Complete pricelist 2017-2018

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