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University Counseling

Caring About The Future Of Every Student

At Carlsbad International School every student receives support and advice in choosing their academic focus for the IB Diploma Programme, as well as in exploring their career options and in applying for further and higher education. This is done in 3 stages.
Stage one: Consider career options
Stage two: Choose Diploma Subjects
Stage three: University, Subjects, Locations and Application.

Considering Career Options:
Throughout their time at CIS, students discuss their career choices and aspirations with an advisor. They are encouraged to find the prior requirements and to consider what entrance options are available. Not every student knows what career path to follow, so it is important they make choices which will allow them options and flexibility.

Choosing Diploma Subjects:
From January before they start the Diploma Programme, students discuss and decide on their Diploma subject choices with the Diploma Coordinator. This is to ensure they choose the best subjects for their interests, abilities and careers.

Choosing University, subjects, location and application:
From January in the DP1 students begin to discuss and decide upon their university or after school choices. They are supported with the application procedure in the UK, Europe, the USA and other countries. Universities visit the school campus to present their programmes and suitable visits are recommended for vacation time.

The university counselling goal is to prepare all of our students so that they progress smoothly to the next stage of their education and development when they graduate from Carlsbad International School. Whatever their goal, CIS can help them to find their connection and to find their contribution.

Sample university requirements

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