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Healthy & Active For Life

Students at Carlsbad International School benefit from an activities and athletic program offering different activities, outdoor education, individual and team sports, coached by certified and licensed staff.

As part of a €10 million development programme, Carlsbad International School is pleased to announce the new Gymnasium is completed, on the same site as the 14 clay tennis courts next door to the School. The new floor and fittings are added to create a large, flexible space for sports and activities:

All our students have access to the nearby cardio training area and we are within an easy reach of sports fields (for field athletics and games), gymnasiums (for basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, etc.) and tennis courts, all close to the campus. Not forgetting a choice of dance and aerobic classes.

Our Evening Fitness Program enables students to go to the TRUFLEX Fitness Centre. Those who wish to train or swim for fun use the new Karlovy Vary aquatic center in the town and there are boating and kayaking opportunities on the two local rivers nearby.

For keen golfers, Karlovy Vary boosts some fantastic 18-hole golf courses.

The CIS Snow Sports program provides the opportunity to experience world class downhill skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing in the Karlovy Vary Region. For students – skiers and snowboarders there are licensed Czech instructors are provided for lessons.
For fans of winter sports, there is a local ice rink and arena for ice hockey or skating.

There is also an extensive outdoor program, with the miles of trails in the nearby hills and lakes serving as a fantastic ‘natural classroom’ setting for learning through practical experience and adventure. We offer a wide range of activities from football and volleyball to biking, hiking and climbing. At CIS students can check out mountain bikes at the weekends.

If a student wants to focus on one sport, perhaps benefiting from additional coaching from an external coach and/or playing with an external team as well as the School team, this will count as their team participation.

The School will help arrange additional provision as required, for example for tennis players or footballers wishing to play for a local football/tennis team, or for those wanting to focus on ice-hockey, a special dance program, fencing, tennis etc.

We ask all our students to participate in 4 periods of weekly sports or activities each semester. Physical activity is good for body and mind, supporting other learning and well-being, while bringing students closer, helping them develop friendship and respect.

With this in mind, each student can only choose one non-physical activity per season, and must have participated in at least 6 different activities during the year.

Service in the Local Community

At CIS we believe in looking after the whole student. This includes academics, physical activity, and community. By taking an active role in the local community, we can cultivate character and philanthropy in our students. This is why one activity period a year, will be devoted to a service activity.

One service opportunity will be offered each semester and could range from teaching English to local children to cooking for others. The students get involved into the Model United Nations or Environmental Action cleaning the forest or the river, conserving energy on campus. CIS is proud to solidify existing relationships and building new ones with local charities and social programs in and around Karlovy Vary.

Activities at CIS

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