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Studying the arts

Connecting Talents & Contributing Through Performance

Carlsbad International School believes in nurturing each student’s appreciation and understanding of a wide variety of expressive media, while developing his or her own creative skills.

The study of Visual Arts provides students with the opportunity to develop creative thinking and a personal view of themselves in relation to the world. Their study encourages respect for cultural and aesthetic differences and promotes creative thinking and problem solving.
By exploring a range of materials and technologies, students develop an understanding of the technical, creative, expressive and communicative aspects of the arts. Our visual arts program also partners CIS students with local students for innovative and collaborative artistic displays, including fashion design with a fashion show and jewelry design with a local showcase.

In addition to our Visual Arts programmes, students have many opportunities to experience other art forms. These include, theatre trips to Prague, opera productions, ballet performances, art exhibitions, as well as orchestral and popular music concerts.

Whatever their interests, students at Carlsbad International School will have the opportunity to develop the skills and experience for pursuing further education and a career in the arts, or for pursuing their passion as enthusiastic amateurs, enhancing their life and any career path they choose. Students of the arts may take private lessons during one of their regularly scheduled activities.
Karlovy Vary is a wonderful location for studying the arts, with a large number of art centers in the area and the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival each summer, one of central Europe’s best known film industry events.

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