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Academic philosophy

Connections Are The Key To Learning

Whatever you call it… learning, curriculum, programme, activities, performance, leadership or teaching… we believe that so much of our learning happens when we establish friendships, build mentorships, develop partnerships and cultivate interaction.

In short, so much of it is about making lasting connections.  Every day at Carlsbad International School (CIS) is built around opportunities to connect.

Each student’s day is structured around classes where teachers use innovative methods to communicate fact, theory and ideas, leading to understanding and knowledge. Alongside teacher-led learning, our students develop skills in discussion, analysis, evaluation, and managing their own learning, just as they will have to do at university and in later life.

This innovative blend of traditional teaching and modern learning tools and techniques suits all students with their diverse range of learning styles and aptitude.

While other schools struggle to ‘individualise’ learning for the benefit of their students, Carlsbad International Boarding & Day School can provide a productive teaching and learning environment for all students.

From those students who need individual pacing of lessons and a step-by-step review of the subject matter to those who require accelerated learning and development and early college credits, all students are encouraged to fulfill their potential at Carlsbad International School.

Our students are given a range of assignments from across the curriculum. These include written and digital assignments, as well as formative and summative assessments. Grades awarded by our teachers take all aspects of the programme into consideration. Parents have real-time access to student grades through an online portal.

Active healthy students perform better academically, psychologically and emotionally. Physical Education (PE) is included in our activities programme. Our students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities and sports at all levels, whether just for fun and recreation or to a high level if they have the ability and desire to excel in one or more sports.

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