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Welcome to Carlsbad International School (CIS), your home away from home.

CIS is an amazing, international learning community and our goal is to help you to reach your full potential. It is an exceptional university-preparatory school located in the beautiful Bohemian countryside of Czechia (the Czech Republic), and within easy reach of the world via Prague International Airport.

Our goal is to produce fine young men and women who are independent thinkers and team players, and who are ready to make positive connections and contributions in all aspects of their life. Our graduates will be prepared to learn because they want to, because they have been encouraged to be responsible for their own learning and because they enjoy and expect a learning environment.

As a private residential and day school with students from all over the world, we aim to foster international understanding and the personal growth of each individual.

Our community is intentionally small, so that everyone may know everyone else; our faculty and staff will know each student (even if they are not teaching them) and our residential halls will provide a welcome and comforting ‘home-away-from-home’.

All our programs, classes, residential houses, academic cultural excursions, fun weekend trips, sports and activities emphasize the importance of a community where “no man is an island”. We believe we work better and succeed better when we collectively help each other.

Choosing a new school is an important decision. Please contact us to discuss whether Carlsbad International School (CIS) is the right choice for your family. We look forward to welcoming you to Karlovy Vary.


Davi Sanchez Netto, Head of School

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