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About Us

Our History

Carlsbad International School was established in 2014 by a team of international educators from around the world with expertise in elite boarding school administration. Our guiding vision was to provide a premium international English school education in the heart of Europe with a truly student-first approach to learning. Actual students and families looking for private high schools in Europe provided both the inspiration and feedback in developing our highly personalized program.

In terms of student growth, achievement, and learning outcomes, our first three years have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the success of our students. By combining the knowledge and guidance of our advisory board, the experience of our teachers, the dedication of our support staff, and the engagement of our students’ families from across the world, we have quickly established Carlsbad International School as one of the top international schools near Prague, as well as one of the best schools in the world for student growth and support.

Launching Our International English School

When we first launched our new international English school in the fall of 2014, we welcomed over twenty students into our Pre-Diploma Program. By second semester we had grown to nearly 30. In 2015 we added Year 1 of the IB Diploma Program, and nearly doubled our student body. 2016 introduced Year 2 of the IB Diploma Program, with our dormitories nearing a full capacity of 100 students. Not to mention our dozen or so local students who chose us for our English language program, IB Diploma, and private high school environment. In 2017 our first IB Diploma students graduated from CIS and they continue to study at colleges and universities around the whole world.

In terms of how international English schools typically start, Carlsbad International School has taken off like a rocket. Our growing reputation as one of the top international schools near Prague and best schools in the world is a direct result of the attention our students receive. Our private high school community is small by design. Plus, the peace and beauty of the campus help our students focus on what truly matters. Our students are able to focus on academic performance, community engagement, and personal development. Equally important, we encourage and enable them to maintain an active relationship with their parents and families abroad.

Much More than a Private High School

We are very proud that Carlsbad International School has become much more than just an IB World School, an international English school, a private high school, or even a boarding school. Carlsbad provides a unique environment where teachers become mentors, classmates become lifelong friends, and preparatory learning becomes powerful life skills.

The secret to our success continues to be our refusal to compromise the quality of our program. Our individualized care and attention to student growth and satisfaction truly defines who we are. As educators, mentors, and role models we understand . Even though our history is short and our campus is small, we consistently provide the kind of education you find at the best schools in the world, or the top international schools in Europe. Establishing a premium international English school education from the very beginning has laid the foundation for a tremendous level of student achievement and satisfaction.

A Top International School Near Prague

Today we are home to more than 75 students from over 25 different countries. Despite our small size, we offer an impressive selection of IB classes, as well as sports, recreation, service opportunities. Plus, for boys and girls ages 10-15, we offer a world-class summer camp every July/August. Moreover, we have developed three separate sports programs for elite and developing young athletes. These include our programs in golf, tennis, and triathlon.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about who we are today. If you would like to get to know us even better, please submit the interest form below. We look forward to welcoming you into the Carlsbad International School family.

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